Galdos Tools

Galdos Systems has developed several tools, which are used in developing specific applications or as standalone solutions.

INtune™ Spatial Data Infrastructure Framework

INtune is a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Framework that provides the infrastructure to build a peer-to-peer network for secure, automatic, incremental, real-time, data sharing using a publication/subscription model. INtune provides a central control and administration utility, as well as access control and authentication to support business needs.

INscape™ Web Feature Service

INscape is a transactional Web Feature Service (WFS) that addresses the need for interoperable and standardized geographic information systems and services. INscape WFS is a robust and scalable software solution that can be implemented on top of existing relational databases such as Oracle and NoSQL databases such as EMC xDB.

INspector™ GML Viewer

INspector is a desktop application that offers very fast, efficient viewing of GML and CityGML data. It maintains a small footprint even with very large files, and offers several different visualization modes for how the data is displayed.

INview™ GML JPEG 2000 Viewer

INview is a GML JPEG 2000 viewer with support for custom annotations. INview displays embedded GML Annotations such as points, lines, and areas as overlays on the JPEG 2000 image.

GML Software Development Kit (GML SDK™)

GML SDK is a simple and powerful way to integrate GML into existing applications. Galdos uses the GML SDK for GML schema development, and as part of the process for auditing and quality assurance of GML schemas.

KML Validator™

KML Validator is a validation service for KML files. Galdos has made the KML Validator available as a free service online at, with certain restrictions. A full and unrestricted version of the product is available from Galdos.