Galdos INview™ was developed to take advantage of JPEG 2000, a new image coding system that uses state-of-the-art compression techniques based on wavelet technology. Apart from all the visual improvements to JPEG images themselves, a key feature of the JPEG 2000 standard is that it provides for image security, through watermarking and other techniques, and it also allows content metadata to be included in the image itself.

The ability to embed GML annotation encoding within a JPEG2000 image allows images to be embellished with metadata, with additional content in text files, and with linked multimedia files. INview displays not only the JPEG 2000 image, but also the GML annotation data embedded within it:

INview displaying GML data embedded in JPEG image

INview takes advantage of the Galdos GML SDK™ toolkit to apply styling to the content of annotations so that they can be displayed within the viewer. INview currently supports the following types of GML Annotations:

  • overlays
  • points
  • lines
  • areas


  • The simple SVG styling can be configured to provide the desired viewing experience.
  • Internal documents such as TXT, HTML, JPG, and PNG files will be displayed at a specified location.
  • External documents will be displayed as Icons that can optionally be opened automatically by the operating system based on their mime-types.

Key Features

  • Displays annotations embedded in the image
  • Styles the annotations for visual display on the screen – including line styles, patterns, and shading
  • Styling of annotations is configurable
  • Stand-alone application
  • Uses simple SVG styling for supported geometries

Technical Summary

Operating Environment

  • Minimum OS: Windows XP, 32-bit, Service Pack 3
  • Windows .Net 3.5