Other Products

Galdos Systems has developed several tools, which are used with INdicio for developing specific applications, or as standalone solutions.

INspectorâ„¢ GML Viewer

INspector is a desktop application that offers very fast, efficient viewing of GML and CityGML data. It maintains a small footprint even with very large files, and offers several different visualization modes for how the data is displayed.

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Send us an email if you are interested in additional information about one or more of our products:

email   salesatgaldosincdotcom

Please put “Request for Product Information” in the subject line, and let us know:

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  • Which product or products you are interested in:
    • INdicio Registry Platform
    • INspector GML Viewer
    • Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) Registry
    • System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Registry for Aviation
  • What other information we can provide for you, such as:
    • More Product Details
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    • Custom Solution
  • Any other details that can help us better understand your needs