GML SDK is an advanced schema analysis and data handling tool kit for GML data.  It reflects Galdos deep experience with GML in particular and with XML processing in general. 

The objective of the GML SDK is to make it easy for non-XML programmers to work with GML data – any GML data – and to quickly build and deploy GML applications for data serving and distribution, data visualization and data analysis.  It greatly eases the task of integrating GML data handling into conventional GIS and related applications.

GML SDK provides a pair of components – one that performs dynamic schema analysis and another that constructs C++ objects on the fly from a GML data source.  GML SDK supports all aspects of GML data handling including both reading and writing (creating) GML data.

GML SDK provides a sophisticated architecture that combines both navigational and concrete object models into a single and easy to use API.

GML SDK Architecture

Applications of Galdos GML SDK

  • Build GML-aware software applications
  • Ensure GML integrity
  • Create GML-aware Web Servers
  • Develop GML data convertors

Key Benefits

Reduce development costs/time:

  • Easy to use API
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Proven, reliable C++ implementation

Improve application performance:

  • High-speed design, cross-platform use
  • Data validation in real time
  • Object construction on demand

Satisfy any GML use case:

  • Read any GML3 data
  • Write any GML3 data
  • Validate any GML3 data