KML Validator

KML Validatorâ„¢ was developed by Galdos Systems as a free online service that can be used to validate KML files. The KML Validator is a web application built on the Arbitron Test Harness.

Improving KML Quality

The purpose of the KML Validator is assist KML data authors in producing the highest quality KML possible by highlighting where their KML files are invalid or where they could be improved. The KML Validator uses a test suite to validate the KML file against the KML 2.2 specification by manually submitting the KML file or KMZ archive for validation.

Free Online Service

The restricted version of the KML Validator is available online at: This free service restricts the size of the files that can be validated, and files can only be validated one at a time.

The KML Validator website includes a Help section. The Help section includes help for using the service, as well as some help for correcting some of the common errors with KML files, and a feedback form to submit comments and questions if further assistance is needed.

Purchase Unrestricted KML Validator

For more detailed assistance with KML, or to purchase the free unrestricted version of the product or a customized solution, please contact Galdos directly.