Product Releases

Below are the release dates and version details about each Galdos product.


Version Date Changes
2.7.40 May 2014
  • Added support of PostgreSQL Hash index option
  • Update to support Saxon JAR
2.7.38 Apr 2014
  • Enhanced Model Update to support External Identifier constraints and modify the cardinality of a slot
  • Enhanced transaction updates to support abbreviated Slot syntax
  • Enhanced Harvest plugin to support BIM IFC processing
2.7.25 Feb 2014
  • Bulk Loading enhancements
  • Designer Studio supports mapping custom object URN to Life-cycle-management states
  • Enhanced Admin Console with an Association Viewer utility page to view associations for a given record by id
2.7.16 Jan 2014
  • Bug fix release
2.7.15 Jan 2014
  • Bug fix release
2.7.9 Jan 2014
  • Enhancements of Model Update API
2.7.8 Nov 2013
  • Added a feature to Designer Studio to allow for mapping between Designer-generated ID (URN) values, and custom ID values
  • Updated admin console and registry browser to work with HTTPS (SSL)
2.7.4 Nov 2013
  • Added support for partial update of ClassificationNode
  • XACML performance improvements
2.7.3 Oct 2013
  • Added support for additional 2 more audit levels
  • Upgrade to JBOSS XACML 2.0.9
2.7.0 Oct 2013
  • Support for LDAP authentication
  • New registry property configuration panel in Admin Console
  • Support for 2 auditing levels
  • Partial Update by query
  • Single Branch Classification constraint enforcement
  • Bulk insert/update
  • Enhanced integrity checks
  • Performance improvement
  • Incremental Model Updates
  • Added support for DWithin and Beyond spatial queries


Version Date Changes
1.15.2 Feb 2014

WFS 1.1 Implementation

  • Added support for feature aliases and feature joins
  • Added support for mimetype-style outputFormat values on GetFeature
  • Added support for resultType on GetFeature
  • Added support for wfs:XlinkPropertyName
  • Added support for ogc:SortBy
  • Added support for matchCase on ogc:BinaryComparisonOps and ogc:PropertyIsLike
  • Added support for gml:Envelope on ogc:BinarySpatialOps and ogc:BBOX
  • Changed PropertyName on GetFeature (for projection) from OGC to WFS namespace
  • Changed reported exceptions from ogc:ServiceException to ows:Exception

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with feature join aliases
  • Fixed bug with resultType=”hits” returning the wrong count for very large result sets


  • Refactored INscape package structure


Version Date Changes
2.0.4 (beta) July 2014
  • Added compact XML stream indexing
  • Added XML (text) view, graph, document tree, and 3d view synchronization
  • Integrated navigable geometry link/containment graph display
  • Added graph based object selection
  • Integrated compact geometry model (CW complex based)
  • Replaced Guillotine algorithm by Maximal rectangles algorithm for texture atlas composition
2.0.1 (beta) February 2014
  • Added screen space ambient occlusion shading for textured polygons
  • Added texture parsing and rendering support
1.9 March 2013
  • Replaced trigger based parser by a programmable GML parser
  • Added geometry VM
  • Created production rule parser
1.5 September 2012
  • Added trigger based parsing of non-GML elements
  • Added support for legacy GML elements (GML 2.0) for AIXM
  • Added shadow/visibility map
  • Added added Bezier spline support (generic GML)
  • Added arrow shader
  • Added Python console interface added for search/select
  • Added Search/Select functionality
  • Added on-screen object selection
1.0 December 2011
  • Replaced Xerces by QtXmlStreamReader parser
  • Added X-Ray shader
  • Created GML/GL library
0.9 (beta) July 2011
  • Replaced LibCityGML parser by Xerces parser
  • Replaced fixed function OpenGL by GLSL based rendering
  • CityGML 1.0