Galdos Systems offers a collection of resources for learning about GML, XML, and web services, and about the geospatial industry and location-based services, as well as other articles of interest.

Ron Lake’s Blog

Galdos chairman and CEO, Ron Lake, maintains a blog about all things GeoWeb and GML. Posts may be about specific aspects of GML, such as geometries and coordinate reference systems, or may be of general or philosophical interest about the GeoWeb in general or about leveraging the GeoWeb to manage urban infrastructure challenges.


The articles related to the GeoWeb and the geospatial industry are some general resources of interest. Galdos links to or republishes articles of interest that we have published in various newspapers or industry magazines.


Perspectives is a collection of resource content that provides additional information about various industries where Galdos products and solutions have been deployed, as well as more detailed explanations of some of the INdicio Registry features.

Case Studies

Galdos has published case studies on some of the more interesting registry applications that we have designed and built for our customers. Please contact us if you want more details.