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Galdos Systems Inc.

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INdicio, a new kind of Information Management Solution

Our Mission

To be a Global Leader for location-enabled Registry Solutions

Why Galdos?

Galdos Systems Inc. is a software products and services company that delivers enterprise location-enabled information management solutions.

Galdos developed the INdicio™ Registry Platform as a complete platform for developing registries and registry solutions with strong data governance features.

Galdos has extensive expertise in working with the global standards that facilitate the sharing of data. Galdos maintains strong partnerships and affiliations with standards organizations and industry leaders, particularly in areas where we do business. Standardizing the data structure to maximize interoperability means that shared registries can be built, with standard code lists and other common data elements that all users can reference. There is a growing dependence on sharing critical geographic information to be responsive to situations that range from local to global. Adopting standard data models and architectures, and registries of common data elements, greatly improves accuracy and consistency when sharing data between public service agencies, governments, and private companies.

Built and Proven

Galdos customers are at the heart of all our business decisions. Everything we do centers on the question “How will Galdos registries affect our customers?” We maintain our high customer satisfaction ratings by working closely with our customers to make sure that our solutions solve their problems.

Intuitive and Built for the Future

Difficult to use. Impossible to love. Why is business software such a pain? At Galdos Systems, we believe that enterprise solutions should be simple to use, visually appealing, and easy to maintain. And they should help you do your job more efficiently. Our registry solutions are simple and intuitive, and we build them for the future by making them modular and extensible.

Because Speed Wins

In today’s frenetic marketplace, staying ahead of the business curve is now a matter of survival. To thrive in this increasingly turbulent environment, your company must be able to accommodate rapid business change. Galdos registry technology is racing forward in constant pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — and what’s expected.

The Smartest way to Make Business Decisions

You need to accomplish a critical task to complete an important project. The deadline looms, but you’re stuck… you can’t find the essential information you need to get the job done. Sound familiar? Making important decisions based on gut feel, or not being able to find the information you need when you need it, is no way to conduct business. A Galdos registry solution allows you make smarter and more timely business decisions.

Our Benefits

The Galdos INdicio Registry is a new kind of information management solution — part GIS, part database, part document management system. A registry can organize, categorize, and manage information about anything. Making it easy to find what you need when you need it increases your productivity, awareness, and functionality.

Registries provide the ability to rapidly deploy many types of information associated with: pipeline registries, registries of web services, property registries, data catalogues, registries of 3D city models, etc. Better information improves business understanding, and registries can deliver more complete, accurate, and timely information, leading to better decision-making.

INdicio is a platform for creating, storing, and managing complex geographic and geographically related information such as that associated with physical assets. Starting with the INdicio Registry Platform reduces the time for software and solution providers to create and deliver software systems.

Our Team

The Galdos Management Team has a breadth of experience in both the public and private sectors, and understands how these organizations instigate and successfully embrace change in a world that is presented with ever increasing opportunities brought forward by advances in computing and networking technologies.

Galdos staff are professionals with strong backgrounds in disciplines that range from computing to engineering, to math and earth sciences. The Galdos team sees the world from a variety of different viewpoints. This diversity provides added value to customers through the services being delivered.

Contact Us

You can stay in touch with us through our News posts, or connect with us either virtually or in person at Events we hold or attend. And if you are interested, check out our Careers page to see when we are hiring.

Galdos Systems Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada and based in Vancouver. The company was founded by Ron Lake, Chairman and CEO, in 1998.