Galdos Systems is constantly looking for professionals who have true vision and who are creative results-oriented team players with excellent communication skills and a desire to broaden their experience in an ever-changing technical and business world. While experience is often critical to securing client confidence, and persons with solid track records are the ones most often hired, Galdos has also enjoyed great success recruiting co-op students and new graduates.

Current Opportunities

Galdos is currently looking to fill two positions for Software Engineers. For details of these positions, check out our Current Opportunities page.

Our Hiring Process

The following explains the hiring process at Galdos.


Candidates applying specifically for one or more positions should clearly indicate which position or positions are being applied for to ensure prompt review and consideration.

Applicants may submit a resume or CV without specifying a particular job; however, Galdos does not respond to unsolicited resume submissions. Submitted profiles and resumes will remain active in the system for up to six months, and will be considered for any future openings that match the applicant’s qualifications.

A designated recruiter reviews the qualifications of all candidates seeking consideration for a position, and forwards the resumes of the most suitable candidates to the appropriate manager. Applicantions of those potential candidates not selected will be kept on file as noted above unless the applicant requests that they be removed from future consideration.


When a manager asks to meet a candidate, a Galdos representative will call to arrange a time for an interview.

Different departments have different practices, but candidates can expect to have two to four individual meetings with department representatives. Candidates will have the opportunity to share detailed qualifications, and to learn more about the team and what Galdos does. In some cases, candidates may be asked in advance to prepare and deliver a brief presentation.

Background Checks

When Galdos is ready to consider making an offer to a candidate, a background check is conducted to cover employment history, references, educational qualifications, etc. If no adverse information is reported during the check — which typically takes three to five days — an offer will be made.


If selected for the position, and if the background check is satisfactory, an HR representative will convey a formal offer to the candidate. The offer package will include starting salary and a summary of benefits, and candidates will be expected to make their decision within a week. Once an offer is accepted, a start date will be agreed on. New employees generally start on Mondays.