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2016 Geospatial World Forum

When: 23-26 MAY 2016
Where: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Over the past few years, the geospatial industry has seen major disruptions in its business models caused by the demand for cloud-based solutions, and for solutions that are open and interoperable, so the theme for the 2016 conference is “Where’s the Money?” and the conference will be looking at disruptive business models.

Companies are consolidating, mergers and acquisitions are making headlines, and some businesses are forming unexpected strategic alliances to gain competitive advantage and as a marketing strategy to strengthen product positioning.

The geospatial industry is evolving dynamically, and business models will continue to be disrupted. System integration and user-driven solutions are becoming the new direction, and some of the technology trends include:

  • Web and cloud based solutions
  • Open and interoperable solutions
  • Convergence and integration
  • Solution-centric approach
  • Vertical industry orientation
  • Enterprise wide implementation

For more information and registration details, check out the conference website at