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Davos of Geo in Vancouver

GeoWeb 2008
is coming soon! This year is shaping up as a kind of Davos of Geo; a meeting of the leaders in geographic information systems and in particular the GeoWeb.

Such a meeting of leaders is essential to forge new business alliances, to focus attention on the concept of the GeoWeb, and to work together for its realization. The GeoWeb – the global and local integration of spatial information systems is an emerging reality.

GeoWeb has of course many interpretations to many people. For some, it is a specialization of the semantic web. For others, it is the aggregation of data for search engines and regional or national governments. For still others, the GeoWeb is a kind of accounting system for the planet, providing visibility into the state of the all things connected with the earth. GeoWeb is all of these things, and the GeoWeb conference is an opportunity to move these ideas forward, to forge new business relationships, and to network with your colleagues.

This years GeoWeb will host a > $22,500 Student Contest (see to stimulate GeoWeb software and theoretical developments that lead to the evolution of the GeoWeb. The contest is sponsored by Galdos Systems, Inc., Google, OSGEO and the FGDC. Other sponsors are welcome to participate. Students interested in this contest may also be interested in the Model Your Campus contest at Google (see

This years GeoWeb also features three guest speakers, namely Michael Goodchild (University of Santa Barbara), Kimon Onuma, FAIA (Onuma, Inc.) and Michael Kay (Saxonica). These speakers will also be providing three of the dozen or more workshops that will be featured at the event.

This years GeoWeb also has keynotes from Michael Jones (Google) and Alex Miller (ESRI).

Excellent technical presentations have been a hallmark of GeoWeb, and this year will be no different based on the abstracts already submitted. There is still time to get your abstract in (submissions close on March 7th, 2008) – see

GeoWeb 2008 will have 3D/BIM/CAD/GIS integration as a major theme as we build toward Geoweb 2009 Cityscapes!

If you are leader in Geo or want to become a leader – come and make your voice heard at GeoWeb 2008! More about that Davos idea – like in Davos we will have an onsite film crew that will interview people on the issue of the day announced each morning. Interviews will be posted each evening on a GeoWeb YouTube channel.

The fireworks are back – the venue is fantastic – it is Vancouver after all!! See you there, July 21-25, 2008.

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