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Galdos and Tenet Defence Complete Contract

Galdos and Tenet Defence complete contract with UK Ministry of Defence for geographic data integration and access over the Web

Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 27, 2006 – Galdos Systems Inc., a leader in Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) technology, and TENET Defence Ltd, announced today the successful completion of the integration of multiple geospatial data across the UK Ministry of Defence into a single source through the use of open-standard web services. Geospatial data is a key information component in all defense systems for planning, tasking, and task execution. Most of the time mission require the coordination of air, maritime and land forces, and hence geospatial information for these domains must be integrated and integrated in real time. Latencies in information update can easily translate into lost missions and lost lives.

"In partnership with TENET Defence Ltd we demonstrate that a large complex of geospatial data from multiple sources can be aggregated and shared in real-time over the web," says Gordon Vereschagin, Director of Sales of Galdos Systems Inc. The integrated Spatial Data Infrastructure system draws multiple datasets (AML 2.1, DAFIF8, VMAP0) from multiple data stores (Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE) using two Galdos Cartalinea Web Feature Service (WFS) servers. Map information is retrieved from WFS by both the thin viewing client Galdos FreeStyler Web Map Service (WMS) and the Tenet Chartlink4D Spatial Analysis Client.

Captain Bob Stewart RN, the project's sponsor, said that the project had demonstrated how modern, Open SDI technologies have the potential to deliver significant benefits in real-time interoperability and make the UK's aspirations for Networked Enabled Capability a reality. An ability to develop a shared information resource through the technology demonstrated here would be at the core of both our national Recognized Environmental Picture and the one we will share with our Allies.

TENET Defence, who produce geospatial technology used in many of the worlds most advanced mission planning and situational awareness systems, believes that the general adoption of the standards that underpin SDI will bring massive benefits to defence systems in allowing them to meet users needs. TENET is already supplying solutions, which integrate firmly into SDI frameworks and see collaboration with partners such as GALDOS as the key to success.

Galdos' Professional Services department assists organizations and government agencies move to an open standards-based IT infrastructure. In particular, Galdos offers extensive knowledge in the areas of GML, XML and web services technologies.


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About Galdos Systems Inc:

Galdos targets the rapidly growing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) market. Founded in 1998, Galdos revolutionized GIS Technology and mobilized the worldwide Geo-Web by authoring the Geography Markup Language (GML). The company is recognized as a world leader in the development of cost-effective systems for delivering GML and XMLbased products for governments, government agencies and private companies that deal with geographic information. Galdos technology enables its customers to manage geographic information from multiple sources and share it across the Internet in real-time. For Galdos' customers this means increased efficiencies in data sharing and significant cost reductions. For more information on Galdos, please visit www.galdosinc.com

About TENET Defence UK:

TENET Defence software is employed worldwide to support critical control and decision making functions. A market leader in fields such as environmental analysis, dynamic data projection and data fusion, we are able to handle very large, disparate data sets with extreme precision and high performance. Our development skills encompass virtually every software language, operating platform and web based technology. Accredited to ISO9001: 2000 with TickIT – our Quality Management System ensures that quality is built into everything we produce. TENET is a MoD and NATO approved contractor. For more information on TENET, please visit: www.tenetdefence.com [1]

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