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Galdos at GISWORX’12

Mr. Ron Lake, CEO of Galdos, is to present a workshop on “Registry Services for Enterprise Systems and Enterprise GIS” at the 2012 GISWORX conference in Dubai. GISWORX (http://www.gisworx.ae/home/index.html [1]), now in its seventh year, is taking place from May 1 to May 3, and focuses on users of Esri’s GIS software.

The workshop will illustrate how to use a registry service, which is based on the OGC CSW-ebRIM standard, to enable the creation of an Enterprise GIS or Enterprise System(s) in general, and a specific application (hazard simulation) showing the interaction between a Flex for ArcGIS client and Galdos INdicio [2]™ Web Registry Service will be demonstrated.

Galdos is a member of the Esri Partner Network and Galdos products such as INscape [3]™ and INtune [4]™ are designed to work with Esri technology.