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Galdos congratulates Ordnance Survey on GML endorsement.

June 29, 2001

Ordnance Survey endorses GML.

Galdos Systems Inc, of Vancouver B.C., the originator of the OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) wishes to congratulate Great Britain’s Ordnance Survey on its decision to endorse GML as a key component of its Digital National Framework (DNF(). This decision reinforces Ordnance Survey’s position as a world leader in the development and distribution of geo-spatial information.

Geography Markup Language (GML) is the emerging world standard for the encoding of geo-spatial information and opens a new world of Internet based sharing of spatial information.

Galdos Systems Inc. of Vancouver is a world leader in the development of GML products, services and solutions, and is an active participant in the OGC’s pursuit of standards for interoperability and the ubiquity of geo-spatial information and services.

Galdos Systems visited Ordnance Survey in March 2001 and provided a 4-day GML/XML training programme for nearly 100 Ordnance Survey staff. The courses provided an Introduction to XML for Geo-spatial Professionals as well as an Introduction to Geography Markup Language. A broad spectrum of OS Survey personnel attended the course including marketing staff, R&D, software developers, quality assurance personnel, database administrators and department managers. Galdos Systems Inc was pleased to be of assistance to Ordnance Survey in taking a world leadership position for geo-spatial interoperability.

“The Digital National Framework is at the heart of our business,” explains Ordnance Survey’s Delivering DNF Manager, Les Rackham. “It will help us deliver our vision for the future to be the content provider of choice for location-based data in the new information economy. It is important that our staff are fully conversant with GML. The training programme provided by Galdos Systems Inc was a major step in fulfilling this need.”
For further Information:
Ron Lake, President, Galdos Systems Inc., (604) 484-2751
Shaukat Jiwa, Chief Operating Officer, Galdos Systems Inc., (604) 484-2752

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