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Galdos Leads GML-GxML Convergence Process.

November 06, 2000

Galdos Leads GML-GxML Convergence Process

Washington, DC – At a meeting of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) in Washington, D.C., an agreement was reached between the OGC, developers of Geography Markup Language (GML), and the Japanese DataBase Promotion Center (DPC), developers of GxML, to integrate the two specifications. Currently, the GML and GxML specifications both describe XML-based encodings for geographic information, but not in an entirely consistent manner. Galdos Systems Inc. has been appointed by the OGC to lead the effort to integrate these two standards.

Both organizations agreed that a single world XML standard for geo-spatial data is required to support a growing list of applications, including conventional GIS, disaster management, police/fire accident investigation, incident monitoring/analysis, and location based services for mobile wireless users.

Dr. Shimada of Hitachi Ltd. presented an overview of GxML during the meeting of the OGC’s GML Special Interest Group chaired by Mr. Ron Lake of the Galdos Systems Inc. This presentation included a comparison of the GML and GxML efforts to date. He suggested a number of areas for fruitful cooperation of the two parties, the initial details of which were worked out between representatives of DPC and the OGC under the guidance of Mr. Lake.

Mr. Lake reviewed previous co-operative efforts between the two groups, noting in particular their successful teaming last year for OGC’s web mapping test bed project. That team, led by Galdos Systems Inc., included active participation of Japan’s NTT Data Corporation, Oracle Corporation, CubeWerx Ltd, Compusult Ltd. and MapInfo Corporation.