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Galdos at 35th Plenary and Working Groups Meeting of ISO/TC211

The 35th Plenary and Working Groups meeting, workshop, and exhibition of ISO/TC211 was held 8 – 12 December 2012 in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Ron Lake, founder and CEO of Galdos Systems, presented a session in the Standards in Action workshop program entitled “Spatial Data Infrastructure – a new approach” which expanded on the following abstract:

CSW-dbRIM is a web service standard developed by the OGC for general metadata management. It is now the subject of a proposed NWIP at ISO TC 211. Galdos Systems will show how this standard is serving as the bases of a location-enabled platform for SaaS solutions, called Galdos INfuse. This presentation will show the INfuse platform and the CSW-ebRIM standard in three different applications including:

  1. City Modeling
  2. Hazard Simulation and Emergency Response, and
  3. Campus Mapping