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GALDOS selects Bin-XMLTM, EXPWAY Binary XML technology for managing

Paris, France & Vancouver, Canada – February 24, 2003

EXPWAY one of the leading providers of software solutions for managing XML transfer and processing, based on its Binary XML technology Bin-XMLTM, today announced that GALDOS Systems Inc, creator of the Geography Markup Language (GML) the “XML for geo-spatial”, has entered into an OEM licensing agreement with EXPWAY for its Binary XML transport and processing format.

Galdos has long recognized the need for transparent and standards-based performance enhancements for its GML products for the Geo-Web. It plans to use Bin-XMLTM as an internal component of its geo-spatial management tools, GDS/GES, INdicio and FreeStyler. With Bin-XMLTM GALDOS enhances the performance of its suite of GIS (Geographic Information Server) product offerings.

After extensive investigation and its own initial development work, Galdos selected EXPWAY BinXMLTM as the ideal performance enhancement for its products. Integrating EXPWAY’s software components will enable Galdos to reduce response times of geo-web services by cutting on processing times and reducing both CPU and bandwidth consumption, thus improving the overall quality of service of its tools. BinXMLTM compressed format and high-speed XML parsing capabilities will improve the performance of advanced applications and services based on Galdos geo-spatial management tools, while facilitating their accessibility to any devices and networks.

“BinXML offers not only transparency and standards compliance, but also a variety of features that allow us the flexibility to match performance to specific application requirements. We believe in particular that BinXMLTM will enable us to greatly expand the market for our GML products especially in applications such as telematics and location services where client-side devices have limited memory and CPU resources” said Ron Lake, creator of GML and Chief Executive Officer of Galdos Systems Inc.

“The geo-web services represent an excellent business case where binary XML technology outperforms standard textual XML parsers, therefore contributing to speed-up the deployment of GML-based applications. We are proud that Galdos, a pioneer in developing tools for geo-spatial data, has selected EXPWAY and we are very excited to be collaborating with them on continuously improving their solutions within the GIS market” said Christine Bonnal, Chief Executive Officer of EXPWAY.

Finally, this alliance seals the association of open standards-based solutions. Indeed, EXPWAY’s Binary XML format was already adopted by MPEG-7, ARIB and TV-Anytime international standards, while GML was chosen by the Open GIS Consortium.


EXPWAY is one of the leading providers of software components for managing XML transfer and processing, based on its Binary XML Technology. Bin-XMLTM is a proven and world-class patented technology already adopted as the Binary XML transport format by MPEG-7, TV-Anytime and ARIB international Standards. EXPWAY serves customers in XML-Enabled Applications market, Broadcast, and Wireless Telecom Industries.  Headquartered in Paris, EXPWAY sells its products worldwide through a direct force, OEM & system integrators and is on the Web at

About Galdos Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1998, GALDOS Systems, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. World renowned for pioneering Geography Markup Language, the “XML for geo-spatial”, GALDOS Systems is considered a leader in the development of non-proprietary, standards-based tools for managing geo-spatial data over the Internet. GALDOS Systems is a prominent member of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC), of which Ronald Lake was a founding member. The company is also the proud host of the upcoming International GML DEV DAYS Conference in July 2003. For more information, visit

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