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Galdos Systems and Avitech GmbH close deal for INdicio Sale

Galdos Systems Inc. was pleased to announce another major sales achievement when German-based Avitech GmbH, one of the leading international developers of IT systems for the aviation industry, selected Galdos Systems flagship registry product, INdicio™, to meet their business requirements.

Galdos Systems [1] is pleased to provide its powerful INdicio Registry software to Avitech”, says Rob Sterpin, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions for Galdos Systems.

The Galdos INdicio™ Registry [2] is a new kind of information management solution — part GIS, part database, part document management system. A registry can organize, categorize, and manage information about anything, making things easy to find and increasing productivity, awareness, and functionality. Better information improves business understanding, and registries can deliver more complete, accurate, and timely information, leading to better decision-making. The INdicio Registry Platform reduces the time for software and solution providers to create and deliver software systems.

Avitech GmbH [3] provides wide-ranging solutions in the areas of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), and Message Handling Systems (MHS). The systems developed by Avitech lead to increased safety, punctuality, speed, economy, and environmental friendliness. Avitech’s comprehensive expertise ranges from developing single components to complete products and solutions. Each allows more valuable time for decision-making, and provides optimal support in the effective coordination of air traffic.

Avitech’s products are used by civil and military air navigation service providers, government agencies, civil aviation authorities and airlines in more than 50 countries around the world. Avitech is a specialised provider of AIM and data, flight planning, procedure design integration, SWIM and messaging solutions to CIV/MIL ANSPs, defense and civil aviation authorities.