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Galdos Systems and X-Hive Corporation Announce Technology Partnership.

Dec 12, 2001
ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, & VANCOUVER, Canada

Galdos Systems and X-Hive Corporation Announce Technology Partnership Signals Further Advancements in Managing Geographic Data Technology for the Web

Galdos, Inc. creators of Geography Markup Language (GML) and X-Hive Corporation, a leading innovator in XML database technology, announced today their plans for a technology partnership, whereby X-Hive/DB will serve as the XML storage foundation for Cartagena, Galdos’ new advanced spatial application engine.By providing an ideal solution platform for location-based services and situation management applications, Cartagena will improve critical functions such as asset tracking, telematics, traffic and disaster management, and other geography-based decision systems for systems integrators, independent software vendors and end-users.

According to Galdos, its selection of X-Hive as a technology partner followed an evaluation of over 15 vendors of both relational and native XML data storage technologies. “Galdos is firmly committed to solving the problems associated with delivering geo-spatial information over the web”, explains Ron Lake, CEO of Galdos Systems. “After extensive reviews, we found that X-Hive offers the performance, adherence to W3C standards, and customer support we need in order to rapidly bring our solutions to the market.”

The combined expertise of Galdos, a pioneer in developing tools for geo-spatial data, and X-Hive Corporation, specialists in XML database technology, represents both a unique alliance and an important step forward for advances in their respective fields.

“As GML continues to emerge as the world standard for encoding geo-spatial information and native XML database technology continues its widespread adoption, it becomes more important than ever for developers of these tools to work together”, explains Erik Veldman, Sales Manager of X-Hive Corporation. “Our joint efforts with Galdos will enable our organizations to initiate significant advancements in the way that XML is used to manage geographic data over the web.”
Galdos’ Cartagena is scheduled to debut in the 3rd quarter of 2002. For more information, visit

About Galdos, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Galdos Systems, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. World renowned for pioneering Geography Markup Language, the “XML for geo-spatial”, Galdos Systems is considered a leader in the development of non-proprietary, standards-based tools for managing geo-spatial data over the Internet.Galdos Systems is a prominent member of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC), of which Ronald Lake was a founding member. The company is also the proud host of the upcoming International GML Conference in July 2002. For more information, visit

About X-Hive Corporation

X-Hive Corporation is a leading innovator in XML database technology and the developers of the native XML database, X-Hive/DB. Its mission is to provide superior technology and expertise to the growing market for XML applications and services. X-Hive Corporation is an active member of the W3C and is based in Rotterdam.

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