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Galdos Systems Inc. participates in successful OWS 2 Support Service Chaining demonstration

VANCOUVER, BC – October 28, 2004 — Galdos Systems Inc, creator of the Geography Markup Language (GML) the “XML for geospatial,” today announced that Galdos Systems participated in the successful Open Geospatial Consortium OGC Web Services 2 (OWS-2) Natural Resources Demo on September 2nd. On Sept. 23, in a separate “Defense Outbrief,” the OGC showed how similar capabilities could be applied in a defense scenario.

OWS-2 is a multi-threaded initiative to “ruggedize” and extend existing and draft OGC standards into a robust interoperability framework for implementation within multi-vendor government and business enterprises and to achieve geoprocessing interoperability between enterprises. OWS-2 threads include Information Interoperability, Common Architecture, Image Handling for Decision Support, Compliance & Interoperability Testing, and Open Location Services (OpenLS).

To view the complete OGC press release, please go to

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Founded in 1998, Galdos Systems revolutionized GIS Technology and mobilized the world-wide Geo-Web by authoring the Geography Markup Language (GML). Galdos is recognized as a world leader in the development of cost effective systems for delivering GML and XML based products for the integrated land and resource management, critical infrastructure planning and protection, telematics, LBS and ITS market sectors. For more information on Galdos please visit: or contact us at infoatgaldosincdotcom  (infoatgaldosincdotcom)  .

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