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Galdos Systems Inc. to work with the EUSC on further development of GML and JPEG 2000

VANCOUVER, BC – April 15, 2004 — Galdos Systems Inc, creator of the Geography Markup Language (GML) the “XML for geospatial,” and the European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) today announced their intention to build on an idea originally proposed by the EUSC that GML should be incorporated within JPEG 2000 for coverage description, image annotation and embedded geographic features. Galdos and the EUSC have agreed to collaborate on the further development of GML for JPEG 2000.

The EUSC has always been an active supporter of open standards in general and of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) in particular. The EUSC intends to migrate much of its data collection and enhance its data management systems to an OGC standards-based solution. A fundamental aspect of this work will be to incorporate the use of GML & JPEG 2000 based tools for image handling, image annotation and feature data extraction. EUSC believes that this will significantly increase the utility of imaging products for defense and intelligence applications, as well as lower the overall cost of data ownership.

Ron Lake, president of Galdos, states “working with an organization such as the EUSC confirms the direction the GIS world is moving, towards an open standards based model. We are very pleased to be working with an organization of this caliber on the implementation of an OGC based standards solution and on the integration of GML and JPEG 2000.”

EUSC confirms this sentiment and is pleased to be working with Galdos Systems due to the leading role Galdos plays in the definition and implementation of the GML standards, as well as their knowledge and experience as system integrators.

About Galdos Systems, Inc

Founded in 1998, Galdos Systems revolutionized GIS Technology and mobilized the world-wide Geo-Web by authoring the Geography Markup Language (GML). Galdos is a world leader in the development of cost effective systems for delivering GML and XML based products for the integrated land and resource management, critical infrastructure planning and protection, and telematics, LBS and ITS market sectors. For more information on Galdos please visit:

About The European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC)

The European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) is an Agency of the Council of the European Union dedicated to the exploitation and production of information derived primarily from the analysis of earth observation space imagery in support of Union decision-making in the field of “second pillar”, the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). For more information on the EUSC, please visit:

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