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Galdos Systems Inc will host the December 2001 OpenGis Consortium Conference.

September 01, 2001

Galdos Systems to host the December 2001 OpenGIS Consortium in Vancouver

Galdos Systems Inc is pleased to announce that we are hosting the December 2001 OpenGis Consortium Conference. The conference will be held in Morris J.Wosk Centre from December 3rd-7th, 2001. We are very excited to welcome many of the foremost professionals in the GIS/Geospatial field to Vancouver.

In addition to the conference, Galdos has planned to hold a full day of XML and GML courses on the final day of the conference, Friday December 7th. The full day of courses consists of a morning session of “XML for Geo-spatial professionals’, and an afternoon session of “Introduction to Geography Markup Language”

Our “XML for geo-spatial professionals” course is aimed at both technical and business professionals working in the geo-spatial domain and will help you understand the implications of XML for geo-spatial problems. This course is designed to get you started regardless of your previous exposure to XML. It requires only a modicum of technical savvy and a desire to understand today’s most exciting new technology This course will also provide the foundation for understanding the concepts of GML.

Our course in “Geography Markup Language” is intended for an audience of database administrators, data developers and software engineers. Geography Markup Language facilitates the delivery of geo-spatial information on the World Wide Web. With the emergence of location-based services, mapping software that is efficient, detailed and effective will greatly improve the utility of geo-spatial tools, and fuel the economic growth of this new industry. GML offers a distinct advantage over current mapping software tools as it provides: better quality maps, operates on a browser without the need of to purchase client-side software, allows the user to customize any map, enables direct linking capabilities, offers more detailed information about any location (query capability) and offers animated features. Previous exposure to GML is not a pre-requisite but prior attendance at the course on “Introduction to XML for Geo-spatial Professionals” is suggested.


XML for Geospatial Professionals 800am -1200pm
Introduction to Geography Markup Language 100pm – 400pm

The course will be held in the Morris J.Wosk Centre for Dialogue at 580 West Hastings, Vancouver, B.C. (Same location as the OpenGIS Consortium Conference)

For further details on courses and registration, please contact Amielle Lake at: alakeatgaldosincdotcom.
**** Please note that the conference is open to OGC members only

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