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Galdos Systems Inc. Wins TIGER/Line Deal.

August 01, 2000

Galdos Systems Inc. Wins TIGER/Line Deal

Vancouver, BC – Galdos Systems, Inc. has won a contract to develop a GML translator for the US Census Bureau’s Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing TIGER/Line files.

TIGER/Line files are a digital database of geographic features, such as roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, political boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc. covering the entire United States. The Census Bureau’s database contains information about these features such as their location in latitude and longitude, the name, the type of feature, address ranges for most streets, the geographic relationship to other features, and other related information. TIGER was developed at the Census Bureau to support the mapping and related geographic activities required by the decennial census and sample survey programs.

TIGER/Line files are used by thousands of people every day. The TIGER database is enormous and represents one of the most important GIS data sets in the U.S.

Galdos Systems was chosen to create a translator so that users could read TIGER files in the GML format. This initiative was prompted by a desire by the Census Bureau to make these critical data files widely available and easily retrieved and read. GML, the emerging non-proprietary “lingua franca” of the GIS world helps achieve the Census Bureau’s vision.

Galdos will start development of its translator immediately, and expects to deliver the finished product before the end of the year.

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