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Geospatial Solutions: JPEG 2000: Good Things in Smaller Packages

Apr 1, 2005
By:Jonathan W. Lowe

The emerging international standard for image compression and decompression that is commonly known as JPEG 2000 (JP2) has already been adopted by such players as BAESystems, General Dynamics, International Land Systems, LizardTech, LuraTech, and Northrup Grumman as an efficient means of handling large imagery collections.

And,thanks to input from a variety of industry experts, the standard is not just a more tightly compressed version of the familiar JPEG image, its 14 parts also include designs that support secure military radio transmissions, regional decoding, inclusion of GML Geography Markup Language) for geographic coordinates and object descriptions, and predefined re-sampling for rapid viewing at different scales. Tuning a JPEG 2000 image file’s encodings to match a specific workflow can improve rendering performance even when that file is very large.

Download the PDF file: Geospatial Solutions – JPEG 2000_ Good Things in Smaller Packages April 1 2005.pdf