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GeoTech Conference

Galdos was an active participant in the GeoTech 2003 conferenec held in Vancouver, March 16-20, 2003.

Mr. Ron Lake delivered a keynote address entitled “On Collaboration and Negotiation in the Electronic Roundtable” that described the importance of OGC standards and interoperability in land use and environmental decision making. Galdos also continued its series of courses on GML and XML with an Introduction to XML for Geo-spatial

Professionals and an Introduction to GML focusing on GML 3. Galdos’s booth showed off our new Vector Web Map Server (part of FreeStyler Web Mapping Suite), the Indicio Web Registry Service, and Cartalinea (formerly Cartagena) our advanced spatial applications engine and geographic data server.
Interest in GML was clearly very high at this meeting with many speakers mentioning GML or providing GML-related talks. This included Vanessa Lawrence of the Ordnance Survey, and Pierre Lemire of Autodesk among many others. GML was also very much in evidence around the water cooler and luncheon discussions.

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