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GeoWeb 2006 – GeoWeb Grows Up

We last reported on the GeoWeb 2006 conference a few months ago. Big name sponsors are now coming to the fore, and this looks to be the emergence of a major new event in the GI firmament – the fusion of the Web and all things geographic – the place for standards both defacto and dejeure – the place for new technologies, new business models and new business opportunities.  From mashups to markup – from web services to location services this looks like the place to be.  For details go to  If your organization is interested in GI, GIS, Internet GIS, web mapping or SDI this is the place to be! 

This is an open and inclusive conference. It will of course provide presentations, exhibits and courses on OGC specifications – but that is just the starting point – expect to see courses, exhibits and presentations on KML and Google Earth, MapPoint, SAML/XACML, geo-digital rights – GIS in the era of document and network centered computing. This is not your father's GIS conference.

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