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GeoWorld: Industry Outlook 2009

GeoWorld December 2009
Issue Date: Industry Outlook 2009 – Full Responses, Posted On: 1/1/2009

Ron Lake, CEO and chairman, Galdos Systems Inc. responds to the questions:

  1. Under uncertain economic times, will geospatial technology be affected, or is it vital enough to not be influenced by outside economic factors?
  2. Are we nearing capacity for our need for remote-sensing data?

Ron’s response: 

“If we go back to the Great Depression, its often noted that it ended with the outbreak of war, the war inducing a level of economic reform, government control and citizen contribution that was unparalleled before or since. Will something like that happen again to pull us from a new depression? I dont believe it will be war in the conventional sense, but, nonetheless, a mobilization of the worlds economies and governments to rescue us from ecological decline. In this, I anticipate that geospatial technology and the GeoWeb will play a major and positive role.

On balance, I see the troubled economic times leading to trouble for geospatial technology providers, especially those based mainly on the Western economies. The silver lining is a recovery, aided in a significant way by geospatial technology, that enables us to confront the more pressing problem of a looming environmental collapse.”

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