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gMedia – Towards Geographically Aware Media

As the Geo-Web comes into being it will present many new kinds of services both for the traveller and the stay at home. Some of these will be familiar to us from the pre-tech days (e.g. travellogues), and some will be just NEW.  I think we may see the emergence of geographically aware media or gMedia for short.  Perhaps we will then have gMedia players in our cars, PDA's and cell phones. Devices that talk to you about your surroundings – answer questons – remind you of interesting facts or important sales calls – all based on where you are and when you are.

Fancy travellogues are likely one of the first things to appear in the gMedia genre.  You are taking a walk about in Paris – you are something of a history buff and really want to know what it was like at the close of the WWII and the liberation of the city.  Your phone reminds you of key figures and events as you walk from one street to another.  It suggests you visit a certain hotel or restaurant as this was a hideout for Jean Moulin.  You put on your cyber glasses and you see an overlay on the real world – of historical events – please don't do this when you are driving.  You hear gun fire up the street – you see one of the street battles between the liberators and pockets of retreating soldiers.
So nice to be immersed in history ….

As you round the next corner your immersion in history is interrupted by a a short notice that you are near a history book shop – if you drop in within the next few minutes – you  can get 20% off on books and other gMedia for the city of lights. …

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