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The 2nd Annual GML Developers Conference will be taking place from July 20th to 24th, 2003, in Vancouver at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. This unique event will offer sessions led by the best geospatial technology professionals in the industry and may be of particular interest to GML developers, developers in Location-based Services, database administrators, GIS specialists and developers of Geo-spatial web-services.

The Geo-Web is the World Wide Web for Geographic Information. (GI). With the emergence of the Geo-Web, Geography Markup Language (GML) became the native mechanism for all geographic date description and transport. Using GML, all geographic databases are interconnected, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on access to locally- managed and globally accessible geographic information. The OpenGIS Consortium (OGC), which is comprised of business organizations, government agencies and universities, is an international industry consortium working together to provide improved access to geographic information.The GML Dev Days Conference 2003 proposes to provide a broad public forum for developers to discuss GML, to learn from one another and to foster the development of the Geo-Web. It offers a perfect opportunity to meet GML experts from around the globe, share GML development techniques and enhance a growing field of applying XML technology to geographic information.

The Technical Exhibition featured at GML Dev Days will showcase organizations that are utilizing GML technology. This will facilitate the presentation of various products and open-source projects connected to GML. The emphasis will be on companies and projects providing GML authoring systems, converters, server-side components, as well as GML consultants and solution providers.


  • A selection of morning and afternoon courses
  • Presentations including keynote lectures, plenary sessions and panel discussions
  • Pre and post conference workshops

Conference themes

  • Creating GML Application Schemas and Vocabularies
  • Making Maps from GML Data
  • GML Data Conversion and Validation
  • GML Applications
  • GML Data Storage and Data Management
  • Processing GML Data and Schemas

For further information on the conference, please feel free to contact Shaukat Jiwa at Galdos Systems Inc,
(604) 484-2750 or sjiwaatgaldosincdotcom.

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