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GML Dev Days 2002 conference was deemed a great success. Over 75 registrants from 60 different organizations worldwide attended.

With beautiful weather, and cutting edge GI technology, the first ever GML Dev Days 2002 conference was deemed a great success. Over 75 registrants from 60 different organizations worldwide attended, including representatives from the U.S., France, Germany, Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, and New Caledonia. Presentations and product demonstrations on the various tools, techniques and purpose of GML were showcased – offering conference participants a peek into what the future will look like as we move into the era of the Geo-Web. The conference included keynote addresses by Xavier Lopez (Oracle Corporation), Ron Lake (Galdos) and Ed Parsons (Ordnance Survey). Three exciting panel discussions were held on GML & Wireless, GML and OGC Web Services and GML and Map Presentation (SVG).

The intent of GML Dev Days was to address and express current issues surrounding the application of GML and its impact on the GI marketplace. Participants included students, GIS professors, software engineers and business managers. While the conference was technical in nature, everyone managed to gain an informed and insightful view of this exciting new technology.

Prior to the official start of the conference, five specialized workshops in GML and related technologies were offered. The workshops ranged from basic introductions to hands-on GML Application Schema development. Students of these courses were pleased with the content and were thrilled to be taught by leading world-class experts like Darryl Fuller of Schemasoft and Ron Lake of Galdos Systems.

Even though GML Dev Days was a first ever event, it managed to obtain the support of a number of prestigious sponsors. Galdos Systems, Ordnance Survey G.B. and Natural Resources Canada acted as the lead sponsors and hosts of the event. Other sponsors included Simon Fraser University, The British Columbia Institute of Technology, Autodesk, Schemasoft, Safe Software, Intergraph, Oracle and the OpenGIS Consortium.

With such a tremendous amount of positive feedback, GML Dev Days is looking forward to an even greater success next year. To make this even more exciting, next year’s event will take place in mid July in conjunction with W3C’s SVG Open Conference. Over 400 people are expected to attend next year’s event.

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