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Laser-Scan and Galdos announce new technology partnership to provide Spatial Data Quality Certification




Cambridge, UK, 18th July 2006.  Laser-Scan and Galdos are pleased to announce a technology partnership focused on the certification of quality spatial data.

Demand for integrated spatial data to support interoperability along with increasing regulatory pressures requires a new approach in systems and a new standard of data quality. It requires re-use of data, much collected prior to the advent of GPS, and web delivery mechanisms. Laser-Scan and Galdos are responding to this challenge by introducing novel and groundbreaking technologies in web service delivery. The partnership recognizes that quality cannot be achieved and maintained without a structured approach, and therefore supply chain principles are adopted.

This partnership will allow Galdos and Laser-Scan customers to benefit from integrated technologies. The companies will work together to establish a standard for spatial data quality certification and publishing as a driving force behind the GeoWeb.

Mike Sanderson, CEO of Laser-Scan commented:

"Laser-Scan is delighted to partner with Galdos.  This partnership provides the ideal opportunity to advance the concept of spatial data quality certification and to demonstrate the benefits of a service-oriented architecture for the customer. We are delighted to be able to demonstrate these concepts at GeoWeb 2006 between 24-28th July" 

Shaukat Jiwa, President of Galdos Systems Inc., added:

"We believe that this partnership will create a strong competitive advantage for both companies.  The integration of Radius StudioTM with Galdos CartalineaTM and INidicioTM will significantly enhance the product offerings of both companies, and provide new and powerful capabilities for our customers".



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