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Galdos Systems Inc. launches KML Validator

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Vancouver, BC, CANADA, June 5th, 2008 – Galdos Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the KML Validator at www.kmlvalidator.com [1], which was designed to help produce higher quality KML files.

Ron Lake, Chairman & CEO of Galdos Systems, Inc. says “KML is rapidly emerging as the primary global mechanism for the drawing and navigation of maps and images.  Galdos Systems Inc. is thus very pleased to provide an automated KML validation engine as a public service to KML developers and users.  This service will make it easier to develop and test KML tools and components, and will contribute to the increasingly wide spread adoption of KML. Galdos Systems Inc. plans additional KML support in the future, including professional validation services for KML tool developers, and a registry of KML test files.“

Galdos Systems Inc. was part of the team that submitted the KML 2.2 Specification to the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) for consensus.

With the recent OGC adoption of KML as an Open Standard, the KML Validator was created to validate KML files against a test suite for the KML 2.2 specification.

As the creators of Geography Mark-up Language (GML) [2], Galdos Systems Inc. successfully delivers geospatial infrastructure solutions to international businesses and governments to enable the real-time distribution and management of their geospatial data.  For more information, visit www.galdosinc.com [3].
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