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Looking ahead to GeoWeb 2009

While GeoWeb 2008 is not yet here, you might be interested to know that the thinking and planning has already started for GeoWeb 2009.  The good news is that it will again be in Vancouver, and likely in mid July.  Stay tuned to this blog for additional information.

As we have already noted, GeoWeb 2009 will focus on the Cityscape – its construction, its maintenance, simulation, and evolution.  These are of course all key GeoWeb themes – building and sharing geospatial information across diverse organizations for their mutual benefit.  GeoWeb 2009 will also retain core concerns like 3D measurement (imaging, lidar etc), security and defense, and environmental protection.

One special component planned for GeoWeb 2009 will be an academic track within the main conference focused on 3D Modeling and Measurement.  This will not be a separate conference, but a special track with peer reviewed papers managed by a separate, academic program committee.  This will run as part of the main conference and users will be able to move freely from one track to another.  Unlike the main conference which consists mainly of presentations, panel sessions and technical workshops, the academic track will be published as conference proceedings and some of the papers from this track may be published in leading academic journals.

Taking this route will enable GeoWeb 2009 to be a little larger without losing the intimacy and networking opportunities that have made the conference so successful.  It will also allow presentation of more technical research than would fit comfortably within the main conference.  Hopefully it will also stimulate interaction between the vendor/government driven main conference and the academic/research driven interests of the 3D Modeling and Measurement track.

Dr. Thomas Kolbe of the Technical University of Berlin, a world leader in cityGML, in particular, and city modeling in general, has agreed to chair the program committee for the academic track.

I view this as a very exciting development.  If you are working for an academic or research institution and would like to get involved – I strongly suggest you attend GeoWeb 2008 and start thinking now about how to contribute for GeoWeb 2009 Cityscapes.

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