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Meet Galdos at TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2015

INdicio Registry and Web Registry Platform

INdicio - traceable, verifyable, complete

The INdicio™ Web Registry Platform is a new kind of information management platform developed by Galdos Systems. An INdicio Registry can extend existing systems by adding new (or more) geographic properties to data, adding dates and times and other types of properties, and by leveraging globally unique IDs in audit trails and other governance tools.

In spite of all the safety regulations, pipeline accidents still happen. With the potential to cause catastrophic environmental disasters, pipeline operators need to be confident that their information is accurate and up-to-date if things do go wrong.

When managing the Pipelines that transport oil and natural gas from where it is mined to where it is processed and, ultimately, consumed, INdicio can be used to provide a complete solution for managing data about these pipelines and their ongoing maintenance.

INdicio can also be used to build solutions customized for specific tasks or environments, such as the CRS Registry built for Shell Oil and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP).

About the TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2015

The TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2015 is an opportunity for the geomatics and business community to gather and learn about the latest practices, products, and organizational successes in the geomatics industry across Canada. The event will feature:

  • Over 60 companies from TECTERRA’s portfolio will demonstrate their latest technologies
  • Keynote addresses by special guests, including Nolan Bushnell
  • TECTERRA Geomatics Lab demonstrations
  • Company presentations
  • Networking opportunities

The Geomatics industry is one of the fastest growing industries and the TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2015 will be the premier forum for the geomatics and business community to gather and exchange ideas and share innovative practices!

Event Details

TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2015
June 24, 2015
Calgary Telus Convention Centre North Building, Upper Level
120 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta

See the showcase website at for more information and to register to attend.

TECTERRA Showcase 2015 Registration