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NATO awards GIS Data Preparation Contract to TENET with support from Galdos and IIC


Thursday, January 18, 2007 – NATO NC3 Agency has awarded the GIS Data Preparation Contract to TENET. Supporting TENET on this contract will be Galdos Systems Inc. and IIC Technologies Inc in Canada.

The project involves the generation of a wide range of geospatial data models compliant with some of the latest spatial open information standards from OGC and ISO and the conversion of many terabytes of vector, raster and gridded data. A large proportion of NATO's paper holdings of maps and charts will also be digitized and converted to the same set of open standards. The objective is to create an open and shareable map database as part of NATO core GIS infrastructure within the Alliance.

At the forefront of these open standards are the two key encodings of GML (Geographic Markup Language) used to encode vector data, and GMLJP2 which uses both JPEG2000 and GML to provide effective encoding for Raster and Coverage data. The conversion and validation process will result in image, vector and scanned paper maps being available in GML. Furthermore, the project includes the conversion of many different data formats, including for example S-57/AML, VMap and DAFIF together with a wide range of color and panchromatic imagery and terrain information. These sources incorporate geographic information objects for land, maritime and aeronautical domains.

The project utilizes TENET's significant knowledge and technologies in the area of automated data conversion and quality control as well as in the area of open Spatial Data Infrastructures and reinforces TENET's position as a leading specialist in high performance distributed geospatial solutions.

Roger Brackin, Technical Director of TENET commented ‘The result of this project will be the availability of an extremely wide range of medium scale geospatial data in open standards to support NATO's goal of interoperability, and a demonstration that open geospatial standards offer a clear path to much more effective data integration at all levels in the future'. GML is an open-standard format for encoding geographic information.

Galdos Systems Inc. pioneered the standard as well as collaborating closely in the development of GMLJP2 and provide the backbone of detailed expertise and technology in the open formats used. "This contract represents a major milestone for Galdos", said Ron Lake, Chairman & CEO of Galdos systems Inc. The paper conversion process is also very significant, with the decision to scan a very significant proportion of NATO's paper map holdings.

IIC Technologies Inc. will scan and process several thousand terrestrial and aviation maps in support of this effort. "IIC has a long history of providing complex geospatial services and we look forward to broadening our success with the international mapping community", said Gwil Roberts Project Manager at IIC Technologies. The contract is a component of a much larger initiative to provide interoperable geospatial information systems across all NATO, addressing the entire range of issues (hardware, software, communications, training etc) to improve NATO's capability to exploit geospatial information.

For further information, please contact

Lorna Purtell TENET Technology Ltd


About TENET Technology:

TENET Technology is a world leader in geospatial intelligence technologies for mission critical command and information systems and provides data modeling, and specialist consulting services in support of much defence research and development programs, in particular in the area of emerging open standards. Our COTS software and solutions are employed globally across a wide spectrum of disciplines including environmental analysis and exploitation, data fusion, and the management of very large and disparate datasets with extreme precision and high performance. For more information on TENET, please visit:

About Galdos Systems Inc:

Galdos Systems Inc. (Galdos) delivers geospatial infrastructure software and services to business and government. Galdos technology and expertise enable the geospatial information supply-chain supporting real-time distribution & management of geospatial data. Galdos has a proven track record of delivering mission critical solutions to a global network of partners and customers including the UK Ministry of Defense, NATO, and the US Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. In addition, Galdos and its customers have also implemented open standards solutions for Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructures, Natural Resource Management and Utilities and Civil Infrastructures. As the creators of GML, Galdos not only implements open standards technology, we help define the vision for what open standards will become. Our solution offering includes custom services targeting data integration and data conversion, as well as our world class product suite that offers advanced geospatial data management and distribution capabilities. For more information on the company's products and services, please visit

About IIC Technologies Inc:

Founded in 1992 as a specialist in digitization services, Intelligent Information Conversion ("IIC") Technologies has become a global leader in:

  • Land Mapping and GIS Services
  • Marine Charting Solutions and Services
  • Software Design and Specialized Applications
  • CAD Services

With offices located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, IIC has over 300 employees' worldwide, providing responsive customer service. Our highly skilled production group and meticulous quality control teams deliver superior quality at cost effective prices. The company proudly maintains its ISO 9001:2000 certification. For more information IIC Technologies, please visit

TENET Technology Limited North Heath Lane Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5UX, UK Tel: +44 1403 273173 Fax: +44 1403 273123 Web Site:

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