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Ron Lake speaks at Database 2002 Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Ron Lake was a guest speaker at the Database 2002 show’s International Seminar focused on GML and G-XML in Tokyo October 9-11, 2002. Ron was joined by other distinguished speakers including Mr. Akifumi Nakai of NTT Data, Mr. Ed Parsons from Ordnance Survey, Jeff Zeiss of Autodesk, and Mr. Satoru Tagaki of KDDI, Mr. Clemens Portele from Interactive Instruments, and Mr Reese Plews of DPC.

Mr. Lake spoke on “Building the Geo-web at the Local, Regional, National and Global Levels”, focusing on the role of a standard service oriented architecture and explained the roles of GML and OGC Web Services in deploying the Geo-Web spatial infrastructure.

Mr. Hiromichi Fukui looked at the requirements and challenges for GML/G-XML in Japanese local government, while Mr. Nakai look forward to many important technical issues in future versions of GML and G-XML. Mr. Takagi provided a view of KDDI’s work on SVG in cellular phones and showed off a demo of their binary SVG browser in an operational cell phone. Mr. Parsons shared Ordnance Survey’s experience in the deployment of GML in Great Britain, while Mr. Clemens Portele spoke to the process of GML becoming an ISO specification (ISO 19136). Autodesk’s Mr. Jeff Zeiss spoke on the role of LandXML in Autodesk and hinted at the future convergence of LandXML and GML.