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Ron Lake teaches in India and Dubai

Vancouver, BC, CANADA, August 28, 2007 – Mr. Ron Lake traveled to Dubai August 6-7 and New Delhi (August 8-10) under the auspices of GIS Development to provide courses on GML, KML, GeoRSS and OGC Web Services (WRS, WFS, WMS/FPS). Mr. Lake provided two days of courses in each city. An overview and introduction to OGC and ISO standards was provided prior to Mr. Lake's arrival by Mr. Sam Bacharach (OGC) and Mr. Arup Dasgupta.

The GML course covered the basic structure of the language, the motivation for its development, and the creation of GML application schemas. The KML component focused on KML as a visualization partner to GML, and was illustrated by the use of live KML examples in Google Earth. The structure of GeoRSS and its relation to GML was presented in the GeoRSS component. An overview of the key standards for SDI, namely OGC Web Feature Service (WFS), the Web Registry Service (CSW.ebRIM) and Web Map Service (FPS version) were presented as fundamental building blocks for creating a Spatial Data Infrastructure.

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