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Statoil Purchases Galdos CRS Registry

Statoil, a Norwegian-based international energy company, has signed an agreement to purchase a CRS Registry from Galdos Systems Inc. Rob Sterpin, Vice President Enterprise Solutions at Galdos Systems, states that Statoil selected the Galdos CRS Registry to meet their business requirements for managing Coordinate Reference Systems.

The Galdos CRS Registry is a Java-based solution for managing Coordinate Reference Systems and related data and information. It is comprised of three main software components:

  1. Geodetic Registry Application: provides a browser-based user interface for finding and managing geodetic information items;
  2. INdicio Registry Service: provides a web service interface based on the OGC specification, CSW-ebRIM Registry Service(OGC 07-110r4);
  3. Registry Database: a relational database that stores registry content.

Statoil ( has approximately 22,000 employees operating in 37 countries around the world, and has its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway.

With operations around the world, Statoil needs to transform coordinates between their standard CRS and the local CRS where they have operations. The official EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset is the de-facto industry standard, and is maintained by IOGP. This dataset forms the core of the CRS Registry data and can be synchronized whenever the IOGP releases updates. Having a CRS Registry allows Statoil to add their own mappings, transformations, and other data and information to the core dataset.