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Styling GML to KML for Visualization

One of things that makes programmers keep programming is "feedback" and especially VISUAL feedback. Show me it works – means show me it doing something I can see. While one of the most common things to do with geographic data is to visualized it in as create a map. While we have talked about styling GML to SVG, we can also readily style GML to KML and use Google Earth as our drawing canvas. Our styling will be accomplished in a straightforward manner using XSLT – keeping in the XML world. So over the next couple of weeks we will discuss how to create style sheets that can use KML as a mapping space for your GML data. Once we can do that – we will look at how to automate the process and dynamically style GML data from a Web Feature Service (WFS) (aka GML Data Server) to KML. This will include:

  • Styling GML features with Simple Geometry (see) to KML.
  • Styling GML web publishing (observations) to KML

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