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Successful pilot deployment to result in reduced costs and labor for UK Met Office


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – Tuesday, August 8th, 2006The United Kingdom Met Office and Galdos Systems Inc. announced today the successful initiation of a pilot program for the Met Office.  The program, which will implement a prototype Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), will test OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) web services technologies, Geography Markup Language (GML) and Galdos Products as a solution to deploying a completely automated product creation and delivery SOA system for the UK Met Office.  Galdos products CartalineaTM and FreeStylerTM will be utilized to significantly reduce data integration and management costs, and to enhance products and services. CartalineaTM and FreeStylerTM, real time, customizable, web services, will allow old and new data from a multitude of the Met Office's GIS systems to be integrated and distributed. The integration of legacy assets is expected to increase the life span of some of the Met Office's current systems, some of them already 15 years old.

CartalineaTM and FreeStylerTM will access data from a multitude of the Met Office's GIS systems, convert it into GML and then distribute and integrate it as it is required or as it changes, and update servers. For the prototype, Cartalinea will combine three systems. This will allow for dramatic cost reductions and increased internal efficiencies (through automated data sharing capabilities). Furthermore, these technologies will enable the Met Office to enhance their product and service offering through deploying real-time integrated and customizable information products and services via web services. The full deployment of these technologies would involve the integration of tens of systems

"We see service-oriented architecture as the future for Spatial Data Infrastructures, wherein GML, Galdos and OGC technologies can all play a major role," said Graham Mallin, Head of IT Architecture, Met Office. He added, "This prototype is the first step along the road to proving a core concept that will underpin the Met Office's technology for years to come."

"The successful deployment of this technology is an important step in Galdos' expansion. Our success with the Met Office signals to the market that instant access to geographic information is truly an operational reality," stated Ron Lake, Chairman and CEO of Galdos Systems Inc. He added, "The years we have spent listening carefully to the market, and our customers' needs, in the development of our products have resulted in a set of unique infrastructure tools and products now demonstrably ready for the market."

The Met Office provides a range of services to government, armed forces and the public for civil contingency response but it also provides forecasts to the media; to civil aviation and numerous other industry sectors, such as the offshore oil and transport industries. The Met Office has served as one of only two World Area Forecast Centres (WAFC) for civil aviation responsible, with the United States, for providing weather information to all flights around the globe above 24,000 feet.


About Galdos Systems Inc.

Galdos Systems Inc. is a leader in the rapidly growing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) market.  Spatial Data Infrastructures provide the means to share instant geographic information over the World Wide Web. This is critical to defense intelligence, disaster management and consumer oriented location-based services, such as location-based advertising.  Galdos is a supplier to governments, government agencies and private companies that rely on accurate, specific geographic information. The Company's technology enables its customers to manage geographic information from multiple sources and share it across the Internet in real-time, resulting in increased efficiencies in data sharing and significant cost reductions. For more information on Galdos, please visit

About the Met Office

The Met Office is the national meteorological service (NMS) for the UK and a world-leading weather forecasting and climate change centre. Located at its headquarters in Exeter it delivers nearly 3,000 forecasts and briefings to customers every day.

The National Severe Weather Warnings Service warns the country of severe or hazardous weather, which has the potential to cause widespread disruption of communications and/or endanger life.

The Met Office's Hadley Centre is a recognised world-leader in climate change modelling, prediction and research. The results of its research help to inform government policy on mitigating the effects of climate change.




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