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The first Annual Geography Markup Language(GML) Technical Workshop was held in Vancouver hosted by Galdos.

The first annual Geography Markup Language (GML) Technical Workshop was held in Vancouver this week. Some 30 senior software developers from various organizations worldwide including Galdos Systems, ERSI, Microsoft, Oracle, Lockheed-Martin, Laser-Scan, NTT Data, DPC, CSIRO and Social Change Online were in attendance. The intent of this workshop was to clarify and enhance the functionality of GML.

The Workshop focused on the development of GML 3.0 and significant strides were made in the areas of topology, geometry, harmonization with ISO 19118, temporal, default styling, coverages, and spatial locators (including postal addressing models). In most of these topic areas, agreement was reached on the content and structure of the GML 3.0 schemas. As a result of the successes in the GML 3.0 Workshop, the end of August has been established as a target date for the final draft candidate schemas. This deadline is set to coincide with the OGC Open Web Services Test Bed and a G-XML Test Bed being conducted in Japan.

The very lively discussion on Points of Interest in the workshop is a likely forerunner of GML “ontology” discussions in the future. While the development of GML application schemas is already underway in some domains there is also pressure to incorporate some broad elements into schemas, which are “closer” to the GML core – if not actually a part of it. It is anticipated that these domain modeling issues will play a larger role in the evolution of GML 4.0 in 2002.

Galdos Systems was most pleased to host the GML Developer event, and we are already looking forward to hosting the Workshop again in July, 2002.

In addition, Galdos Systems is once again honoured to host another OGC Technical Committee meeting in Vancouver, December 2001.