Using the INdicio™ Registry as a core platform, Galdos has created registry solutions for a number of different markets. Each solution leverages the power of registries to deliver features that address specific pain points in that market.

Oil & Gas Registries

In the Oil & Gas industry, registries can deliver significant value by managing data about exploration locations, including the coordinate reference systems associated with the precise location of boreholes, etc. Registries can also be used to manage information about pipelines types, and can maintain a centralized operating picture with links to all relevant documents and permits.

Aviation Registries

The next generation of Air Transportation Systems is set to transform Aviation information management from ground and paper based to digital and satellite based. This approach to System Wide Information Management (SWIM) has the objective of improving efficiency, reducing or avoiding delays, and increasing safety. SWIM registries are already being developed and tested. They provide searchable resources for publishers and consumers of aviation services to share information.

Government Services Registries

Government Services cover a wide range of areas. A registry can deliver benefits in transportation and infrastructure management, Intelligent City management, health care, urban development, and emergency management, and can bring together information from many systems to improve services to citizens. GeoPortals are another registry application, managing and visually presenting many types of data and datasets involving geographic information and maps.

Many governments and organizations around the globe are recognizing the ability of improved urban planning to combat the issues of rapidly increasing urbanization and deteriorating urban infrastructure. In order to do this, a more holistic view of urban design is required, one that allows information about the city to be used and reused from initial concept design to final operation and maintenance. Semantic data such as CityGML has layers of meaning that can be used to create representations of buildings and objects described by the data.

Hospitality & Retail Registries

Hospitality and Retail is a sector that experiences a number of challenges in the new era of combined brick-and-mortar and virtual locations. Customer buying habits are changing, and expansion through mergers and acquisitions can cause as many problems as it solves. Registries can be used to build solutions that address a number of different challenges in these markets, ranging from enhancing customer experiences to managing the integration of information after a merger.