Hospitality, Retail, & Travel

INdicio Registries for Hospitality, Retail, and Travel

Hospitality, retail, and travel are types of businesses with very close connections to their customers. Increasing demands from those customers propel growth through activities such as expansion, and mergers and acquisitions.

Customer demand also drives technology expansion. It is no longer sufficient for these businesses to offer good service in person — customers also expect an experience that is integrated across both their virtual and their physical interactions. And the increase in the use of mobile devices has only made things worse.

With customers always being just one click away from online access, anything that can increase the efficiency of operations or reduce the time to manage online assets can give a company a competitive advantage.

Galdos Registry Solutions for Hospitality, Retail, and Travel

Galdos Systems develops applications that increase performance visibility with fully integrated, scalable, and easy-to-use back office solutions using our INdicio™ Registry as the core technology.

Galdos solutions leverage the underlying power of registry functionality to provide companies with the ability to better manage every aspect of customer relationships and on-site operations, while simplifying IT infrastructure and allowing companies to derive value faster from new innovations. The flexibility of a registry allows it to evolve with the business in response to the continually changing economic environment. Businesses are better able to keep pace with increasing customer demands for more services, and maintain better integration between the physical and virtual experience.

Galdos INdicio Registry solutions can be run in the cloud or on-premises. They provide secure enterprise data with unprecedented security, high performance and availability. Companies can control operations more effectively and stay ahead of their competition while building stronger customer relationships at the corporate, regional, and store levels.

Registries support faster innovation by enabling easier upgrades and enhancements, and drive business process improvements by simplifying information technology infrastructure. Companies can deliver service innovations faster so that they can delight their existing customers and attract new ones.

Registry solutions can integrate with existing enterprise applications to allow companies to leverage extensive partner networks and supply chains. Many back-office applications provide interfaces that can be accessed by other systems. Using these interfaces allows easy integration of applications such as accounting systems, payment gateways, and shift and task management systems with industry-specific and proprietary applications to create a complete operational system. Registries can also use available interfaces to integrate new applications and extend the capabilities of an existing system.

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