Technical Support

By Phone

Contact Technical Support by phone at:

Toll free:   +1 (877) GALDOS1     (1-877-425-3671)

Hours:       Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time

By Email

email   supportatgaldosincdotcom

When reporting your problem to us by email, please put “Technical Support Request” in the Subject line and include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Some information about the problem (see below)

When telling us about the problem, please use the following definitions to let us know how severe is the problem that you are having, and describe the problem itself and what you were doing when it occurred in as much detail as you can:

  • Level 1 – My system has crashed
  • Level 2 – I am having a problem but I can still work
  • Level 3 – Something is not working right

Definitions and Priority Levels for Support

Error Priority

Error Level Definition
Level 1 Error A Level 1 Error is an error that: (1) renders the Product inoperative, or (2) causes the Product to fail catastrophically.
Level 2 Error A Level 2 Error is an error that affects performance of the Product, but does not prohibit the use of the Product.
Level 3 Error A Level 3 Error is an Error that causes only a minor impact of the use of the Product.


Term Definition
Enhancement An Enhancement is a technical or functional addition to the software to improve either or both of the functionality and operation of the Product. Enhancements are delivered with Releases of the Product.
Error An Error is an error condition that is repeatable and reproducible and that causes the Product to not function in accordance with the Documentation and which can be categorized into priority levels such as a Level 1 Error, a Level 2 Error, or a Level 3 Error.
Fix A Fix is the repair or replacement of source or object code or executable code versions of the software to remedy an Error.