Open Standards

Galdos Systems helps with the development of a number of open standards, participating in working groups, working with the submitting organization to standardize data structures and code lists, and assisting with the process of getting the result published as a standard. Read more about our work with Open Standards.

Galdos is one of the creators of the Geography Markup Language (GML), an OGC specification and an ISO standard that is an XML grammar designed to express geographical features. To learn more, read our overview and introduction to GML, or read more about GML : The Book, written by Ron Lake and others.

Galdos has also been involved in the ongoing development of other standards, including:

Requirements & Design

Galdos Systems has successfully executed many Requirements & Design projects — both as early phases of much larger projects, and as standalone projects in themselves. Requirements gathering and system design tasks span a wide range of activities, depending on the project. Galdos has particular expertise in data modeling and with developing GML schemas for organizations such as NATO, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

The background and experience that Galdos brings in Data Modeling and GML Schema Development can often have a significant impact on the success of a project. Having a solid process for capturing requirements and designing an appropriate System Architecture can mitigate some of the risks that can plague projects that are approached less formally.

Webinars & Training

Periodically, Galdos delivers a conference presentation, or a live training session or webinar. For details of upcoming events, check out our Webinars & Training schedule.