Webinars & Training

In addition to custom courses and customer-specific product training courses, every few months Galdos holds a webinar on a current industry issue or an online demonstration of one of our products. Check out the schedule of upcoming dates/times below

Send us an email for more information  (infoatgaldosincdotcom?subject=Presentation%20Information%20Request)   or to sign up  (infoatgaldosincdotcom?subject=Presentation%20Signup%20Request)   for a session.

If you are interested in a presentation or webinar on a specific topic related to one of our products, or on GML and related standards, please contact Galdos Systems and someone will follow up with you.

Schedule of Upcoming Webinars

Topic Date Time
INdicio for Pipeline Information Management TBD TBD
Demo of INspector GML Viewer TBD TBD