Expedia, Inc.

Geography Management System

Expedia, Inc. is the largest travel company in the world, with an extensive brand portfolio that includes some of the world’s leading online travel brands. Expedia, Inc. aggregates data from many sources to feed their online applications, resulting in unstructured and duplicate master data across multiple systems.

Galdos INdicio™ was selected by Expedia, Inc. to provide a state-of-the-art, location-enabled, master data management solution. Expedia, Inc. needed to manipulate and render geographic data, leading to enhanced customer service through increased accuracy in data queries. INdicio delivered a single data management platform that was high-performing, extensible, scalable, and secure.

The Challenge

The brands within Expedia, Inc. cover virtually every aspect of researching, planning, and booking travel. In addition to powering bookings for some of the world’s leading airlines and hotels, top consumer brands, high traffic websites, and thousands of active affiliates, Expedia, Inc. drives incremental demand and direct bookings to travel suppliers, provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach a highly valuable audience of travel consumers, and gives travel agents direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel products and services anywhere.

Expedia, Inc., like many other large information-based companies, faced the issue of integrating large volumes of data, particularly geographic data. The management of this information became more and more complex because of data duplication, unstructured information, and multiple semantic definitions of the same real world entities. Another issue complicating the data integration was that the same real world entity was tagged differently in different datasets. For example, one dataset tagged somewhere to eat as a “restaurant” while another dataset tagged the same location as a “dining place”.

Expedia, Inc. needed to provide a seamless experience for consumers across multiple online applications that pull information from both internal and external data sources. Expedia, Inc. geographers needed to capture data from multiple sources in such a way that the company’s system could input and retrieve data and present it seamlessly to consumers.

The Solution

Galdos Systems, with its many years of experience in delivering products that manage enterprise information systems and its pioneering work with managing geographic data, was selected by Expedia, Inc. to provide it with the next generation of data management tools. Galdos recognized that dealing with problems that result from aggregating data from multiple sources or integrating data from multiple systems usually requires a master data management approach to the solution. When these data problems include conflicting location and geometry information, the solution also needs to include the ability to manage geographic data.

Galdos offered its location-enabled INdicio, which included an information modeling tool that allowed Expedia, Inc. to easily create their information model and change it without impact to its physical storage.

INdicio provided a solution to data integration problems that allowed fragmented data to be quickly mastered and information silos to be integrated. INdicio helped in solving data integrity issues and in reducing the amount of effort needed to create and maintain custom scripts.

INdicio allowed Expedia, Inc. to harmonize data aggregated from many sources into a seamless user experience across all connected applications and websites. Support for multiple tagging, and the ability to classify objects using as many tags as required, provided a rich environment to support searching for and discovering related data objects. Expedia, Inc. also valued the ability of INdicio to support both geographic and logical descriptions of their data.

The Outcome

Galdos delivered INdicio to support the Expedia, Inc. back-office geographic data management system. Expedia, Inc. now uses the INdicio platform to better organize and present geographic information such as points of interest, tourist regions, and entertainment districts, making it easier to manipulate and render geographic data, to more fully support the launch of future initiatives.

Expedia, Inc. is also developing systems to input and retrieve data from INdicio to present it to consumers in a way that provides a consistent experience across all applications. This includes custom visualization and editing tools, developed on top of INdicio, that the company’s geographers use to manage data.

Galdos anticipates its platform will enable Expedia, Inc. to develop new user capabilities more quickly and at a much lower cost, while also enabling Expedia, Inc. geographers to master and edit data significantly more quickly with its INdicio-based system, increasing their productivity.