Infraestructura de Dades Espacials de Catalunya

Portal for Geospatial Dataset Discovery

As part of the ongoing mandate from the Infraestructura de Dades Espacials de Catalunya (IDEC), the Institut Cartographic de Catalunya (ICC) has developed and deployed a web portal which provides access to geospatial data throughout Catalonia. The goal of the IDEC geoportal project is twofold:

  1. to compile information on existing geographical information and products, generating the catalogues and the metadata which, when published, will allow users the opportunity to become familiar with, localize, discover, access, and recover these products; and
  2. to create an initial technological infrastructure (Internet portal) where these elements can be published and managed

ICC GeoPortal Home Page

ICC GeoPortal Home Page

Galdos’ role in the project was to provide both technology components and support to ICC. Galdos has provided a number of components to IDEC including the INdicio CSW-ebRIM, the Cartalinea Web Feature Service and the FreeStyler Feature Portrayal Service. The role of INdicio is to provide a multilingual (Catalan, Spanish and English) registry/repository of the Catalonian metadata.

The IDEC dataset has well over 60,000 separate records, all of which can be searched for via the IDEC portal. These searches incorporate a de facto language filter which can further be refined by key words, regions, bounding box, place names, and data themes. The registry provides access to up to date metadata encompassing the entire IDEC dataset.

The ICC GeoPortal is available online at IDEC GeoPortal.