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ebRIM gets the nod at the OGC

The OpenGeospatial Consortium strongly endorsed the OASIS ebRIM (e-Business Registry Information Model) as the preferred basis for future profiles of OGC Catalogue. This endorsement lays the ground work for a variety of ebRIM "extension packages" to be developed and standardized in the OGC for various application domains and application topics. High on the list we can expect:

  • dataset descriptions based on ISO 19139
  • service offer descriptions based on ISO 19119 (The classification scheme is already part of the WRS Basic Extension package).
  • coordinate reference systems (CRS) and units of measure
  • application schemas
  • map styles and symbol sets
  • access control policies (XACML and Geo-XACML)
  • feature catalogues
  • imagery and earth observation products.

The support for ebRIM now allows these "profiles" to move full speed ahead and we can expect a significant number to be deployed within the next year.


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