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Galdos delivers Tools for working with DIGGS v1.2 Files

Galdos is pleased to announce the successful delivery of two tools designed to help the Data Interchange for Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Specialists (DIGGS [1]) community work with example files for DIGGS v1.2. The first tool is an Excel-based worksheet that allows users to open and read a DIGGS v1.2 file without the need to understand XML syntax. The other tool allows users to transform a DIGGS file into a Google Earth KML file for spatial visualization of DIGGS elements. The two tools will be used to help the team review DIGGS v1.2 files during the next phase of the project.

Galdos has been working with a small DIGGS team on several key features for the DIGGS v1.2 release. This follows independent audits of the schema for DIGGS v1.0a conducted by Galdos and by Compusult Ltd. The findings and recommendations [2] from the two audits were synthesized to provide guidance for the work of developing DIGGS v1.2 . The DIGGS v1.1 release [3] contained significant schema changes, resulting in a more robust schema that was easier to use and compliant with GML 3.2 standards. The DIGGS v1.2 release [4] continued the work of improving the schema and ensuring that it was progressing in a direction that would integrate into commercial software.